Biologisch abbaubare Beutel für Hundekot (Set mit acht Rollen)
Biologisch abbaubare Beutel für Hundekot (Set mit acht Rollen)
Biologisch abbaubare Beutel für Hundekot (Set mit acht Rollen)

Biologisch abbaubare Beutel für Hundekot (Set mit acht Rollen)

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Help save the planet by eliminating single-use plastic so they don't reach our oceans anymore!

These biodegradable bags of corn starch is the best alternative to eliminate plastic from your daily activities.

Corn starch, unlike plastic, which takes about a millennium to decompose, is 100% biodegradable and thus does not end up polluting wild spaces.

Last year, 56,000 tons of plastic bags were used in Spain, equivalent to the weight of about 700 common commercial airplanes. If we take into account the figures offered by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, one ton of plastic caused by the use of bags, means having consumed 336,700 units.

Does it make any sense to put the dog's poop in a plastic bag that can last 500 years? Of course not, and for that, we have the biodegradable bags for dog feces.

Biodegradable bags of corn starch are one of the most extraordinary options to protect the environment from contamination because the material with which they are made can decompose in nature, through the enzymatic action of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae; transforming into nutrients, carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

These bags are the same as the traditional ones because they maintain the characteristics of resistance, printability, permeability, and sealability. Although this has an oxo-biodegradable compound, which when exposed to oxygen, light, moisture, and friction will begin an oxidation process that will divide its parts by losing molecular weight.

You will not notice the difference between these products made of corn starch and those of conventional plastic, but the environment does since these bags are obtained directly from the plants, manufactured in a responsible ECO way and are fully recyclable. This means that you can throw them in the organic container with the rest of the garbage and once taken to the waste plant treatment, they will become fertilizer to return to the place where they left: the earth.

Our set consists of 8 rolls of bags of 22.5x33 cm, with 15 units in each roll, a total of 120 bags. Resistant, leak-proof and easy to separate and use.

Using them makes you part of the movement!


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